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Dreams - 3

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There are multiple levels of being conscious. The conscious level is information about yourself and your environment of which you are currently aware. Non conscious level is when the body process is controlled by your mind that we are not usually aware of. Preconscious level is the information about yourself or your environment that you are not currently thinking about, but you could be. Subconscious level is the information that we are not consciously aware of but we know must exist due to behavior. Unconscious level Psychoanalytic psychologists believe are some events and feelings that are unacceptable to our conscious mind and are repressed into the unconscious mind. Many psychologists object to this concept as difficult or impossible to prove.
I also found change blindness to be interesting, how a man’s giving directions and doesn’t even realize his not talking to the same person. It’s weird to me because nine times out of ten I look into a person’s eyes while talking so I can remember his or her face and their expression whenever I am speaking to someone face to face.
As I asked a question about having a dream within a dream, I found out it could be an out of body dream or a lucid dream. So once I got home I did a little more digging on both topics I had become aware of here are a few facts I came across while researching;
Lucid dreaming is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life (world-of-lucid-dreaming). People often ask what lucid dreaming is, and discover that they’ve perhaps had one or more lucid dream without realizing it. It is to become aware that you are dreaming during a dream and it allows you to have absolute control over your own private universe, which is often clear if not clearer, sharper and more real than waking reality. Some people say lucid dreaming is an absolutely amazing experience. Out of body the human consciousness separating from the human body and traveling in a discorporate form in the physical...


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