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Enhancing Memory Is Not so Tough

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Enhancing memory is not so tough

A Queen tells the King, “What a horrible scene, I’ll never forget that in my life!”   The replied, “You certainly will!   Unless, of course, you make a note of it.”

The words of King epitomise a great secret to remember events, ideas, concepts and things.   Human memory being quite limited, a look at the written paper goes a long way in reminding – in other words, registering the imprint of idea in our subconscious mind, where it can stay for longer period.  

From child to an oldster, from student, vendor, professional, teacher, carpenter to a seasoned businessman, everybody aspires to have a sharp memory.   At the same time, some people do have a sharp memory:   they can address you by name, even if you met them once several years ago; some of them can recognise your voice over the telephone though the conversation might have been very little.   Students and job aspirants particularly need to have a sound memory if they have to perform well in their pursuits.   College and school students must, especially those in science and engineering streams always fare better if they can memorise mathematical formulae and conversion units, besides numerical tables that are required by each of us, lest one may lose on many counts.   You might have seen several people always bemoaning their poor memory.

Politicians and leaders are known to have excellent name memory – indeed it is their ability to address anybody by name that makes them successful in public life.   Some tips can be used with profit by all those who are inclined to enrich their memory.

Number 1 is the interest in the subject.   Deep interest in the subject entails greater involvement in the subject by giving more time to it.   This process helps in repeatedly striking the layers of the subconscious mind so that it is engraved there, as in a chip.   This happens in any learning, say with new words.   In old system, we were told to frame sentences of new words in the text....


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