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Movie Analysis the Genius Club

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The primary goal of this assignment is for your group to apply and demonstrate an understanding of small group theory and principles through analysis of a film.
As a group you are to act as consultants for the small groups in the film.   Your overall task is to identify the film group’s strengths and weaknesses based on the concepts discussed in your text book (chapter 8 and 9).   Then, demonstrate your ideas with specific examples from the film, and provide suggestions to the group portrayed in the movie in order to make them more effective group members and a more productive group.  

Case Study Analysis Questions
Here are the questions you should try   to   answer in constructing your analysis.
1.   Group Background and description:   Identify important characters and the basic plot of the film.   Establish who is the group? What is the history of the group?   What is the purpose or goal of the group?   What makes these characters a small group?
2.   Leadership:     How does the person(s) get into the leadership position?   What leadership styles(s) emerge?   Is the leadership effective and supported by the group?   Does the leadership change?   If so, how does this affect the group members? Are there any leadership problems?
3.   Rules, roles and task:   Discuss the group roles.
  What kind of maintenance, task, and self-centered functions do people play?   How do these affect the group?   Is anyone working with a hidden agenda?   Are there any role ambiguities? Are there any group rules or norms?
4.   Problem-Solving: Discuss how the group deals with problems/dilemmas.   With what major problems does the group have to contend?   What decisions does the group have to make?   How does the group solve problems and make decisions?   Were there strategies effective and appropriate?   Why or Why not?
5.   Conflict:   Discuss conflict experienced by the group.   How these conflicts were made known?   How were these conflicts resolved or managed?   Were these...


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