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War and Survival

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War has many dimensions. It changes every aspect of the countries involved and the landscape develops a new look. There is an increase in the production, distribution, manufacturing and technological industries as various weapons, methods of transportation and communication networks and devices are put into action. One of the most important areas of war is the people who are affected.
War has the most profound impact on the human psyche. There is a hightened sense of activity as thousands of men and women prepare to serve their country. Most of the able bodied men and women who serve their country have to leave their families behind and this will leave a negative impact on the families. As the drafting begins the recruitment of personnel affects all families as separation becomes a reality. People of all ages, status, creeds, religions and race are chosen, then there are the husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, handicap and the elderly who have to stay behind and watch their loved ones leave the comfort of their homes to venture into areas unknown.
Training is a major area of war and the troops are taught everything there is to know about combat and discipline with unfamiliar people and weapons. They learn to obey instructions from higher ranking officials and their weapons become their personal friend as they are conscious of the fact that it can save their lives if necessary.
New careers are introduced, new challenges are discovered and there is a strong feeling of commitment to the task, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and bonds of friendships are formed in these conditions that last a lifetime. Whether, a person is selected for the air force, the navy, the infantry, they have a new title, they are soldiers.
One of the most positive things about war is the various careers that develop and flourish. There is a need for medics, pilots, engineers, drivers, technicians and competent marksmen. When a person has learned his/ her craft, they...


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