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War with United States and Japan

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In 1945, there was a huge controversy against the U.S. and the Japanese, and on July 26, 1945 the U.S. warned the Japanese that they needed to surrender. It seemed as though the Japanese did not want to surrender to the U.S. Historian A had a strong opinion. They felt that the United States were wrong in the use of the A-1 in Japan. It states that the Japanese were almost defeated in the summer of 1945 and the bombing on August 6th of Hiroshima and on the 9th of August, 1945 were not justified. The bombs were used to intimidate the Russians, who entered the war August 6th. This was also the tactic used to end the war before the Russians became involved, thereby deterring the spread of communism. The intention was to speed up the negotiating process that would otherwise take weeks not the three days in which it occurred.
The president (Harry Truman) wanted an unconditional surrender and the Japanese wanted to maintain their culture; the only stipulation. Proof of these happenings through letters, intercepted communications and notes from James F. Byrnes; then Secretary of State, Secretary of War Stimson, Admiral W.D. Leahy and Air Force Chief of Staff; Lemay.
It was the hope to divide the Great Alliance between Japan and Russia. It was also the hope to pressure to the American government by using the citizens by inflicting enough casualties, thereby placing the government in the position to stop the war based on said fatalities and injuries. Historian A also informs of stipulations of Japan wanting, not only to keep the emperor but wanting no occupation or war crimes trials.
The U.S. waited patiently for them to notify them what were their intentions were, will they surrender or what, or will many people have to lose their lives. President Roosevelt said, “This time there will be no doubt about who defeated whom.” Meaning   whatever has to be done will be done to get our point across and there is no giving in. They set off two bombs to frantic their enemies...


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