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Improving Your Brain

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Improving your Memory by Taking Proper Care of your Brain
We all know that the best way to a healthy body is diet and exercise. However, do we ever take the time to exercise our brains? Do we eat for a healthy brain? probably not, for most of us.
As busy women, we rarely take time to eat properly and exercise our bodies, so what can we do to improve our Brain Health?
Let’s begin with Brain Diet:

1. Drink more water.Drink it up, ladies!
2. Choline. This is the main nutrient required in the production of acetocholine, the most essential chemical in retaining memory. You can find it in fish (especially anchovies), eggs, soy, and some types of nuts.
3. B & C Vitamins. Getting enough of the B vitamins and vitamin C are very important for the proper brain function. B vitamins have been shown to raise scores on IQ tests.
4. Pyroglutamate. This is an essential amino acid that can be used to improve memory, concentration, coordination, and reaction time. It is found in dairy products, fish, fruit, and vegetables.
5. Omega 3 Fatty AcidsThese “good fats” can be found in fish, including: tuna, salmon, and mackerel. They can also be found in certain nuts and oils.
6. Glutamine. Another important amino acid for brain function. Along with the improved brain function, glutamine is an energy booster can help you break your addictions to stimulants.
  Getting just a couple of these nutrients into your body can help you feel better, and     improve your memory.
Now, onto Exercising the Brain:
How do you exercise your brain?
Simply put…USE IT!
1. Do a Crossword Puzzle. You can also try solving other puzzles that require using your language skills. These help you remember things by making you regularly access simple memories.
2. Number Puzzles. Go to a book store or go online and find Sudoku puzzles. These are number puzzles that are becoming increasingly popular. They help exercise your brain’s deductive reasoning skills. Plus, they’re fun
3. Learn Something New....


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