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Technology Is a Hazard to Our Lives

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Technology is a hazard to our lives

In today’s fast pace and innovative world, we have climbed up to a level that had never been imaginable in the olden days. Everyday new technologies are formed to make life better and easier than ever before. With all these advancements to better our lives, it seems as though it is turning itself around and becoming more hazardous than beneficial to our lives. Therefore I agree to an extent with the above statement.
The social consequences of the technological modernization are the negative impact on people’s behaviour and the creation of the new technological generation. With all the advances in technology such as the media, cell phones, computers, cars and aeroplanes, our world doesn’t seem so big anymore. One can communicate with just about anyone in any part of the world but this has also has a negative impact on society. More and more people own cell phones and most of them are starting from a younger age. Research has been done to indicate that excessive use of cell phones has led to an increase in cancer as heavy cell phone usage has had a 50% higher risk of cancer than previous decades.  
The new forms of entertainment, such as the Internet, and video games have serious effects on children and adults causing obesity, laziness, and a loss of person. Children and adults alike are spending more time sitting indoors, playing video games and watching television, than being active and living a well-balanced lifestyle. In addition, through the Internet, the pornographic and gambling industries have been introduced with severe negative impacts to the youth and even adults. Therefore, the consequence of the technological advances does not only affect the individual person but it also affects society. 
Media technologies such as magazines, internet blogs and television shows have also has a negative impact. Mass media is altering cultural values and social behaviours by creating and spreading ideas, values and behaviour...


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