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Measuring the Energy Content of Four Different Fuels

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Measuring the Energy Content of Four Fuels

During the experiment that I did, I used a range of equipment to measure the energy content of four different fuels. From the results, I then worked out information about each fuels efficiency and different properties.

The aim of this investigation was the work out how much energy would pass into a measured volume of water. To work out this sort of data, I had to record the start and end weight of the spirit burner and the start and end temperature of the water after a allocated amount of time. This gave me the necessary information to work out detailed properties of each fuel we tested.
Test Tube
Apparatus: The first step into the investigation was to collect and set up the apparatus. This required the use of a test tube, heat proof mat, a measuring cylinder, a clamp stand, thermometer and anspirit burner.
Procedure: The investigation was set up like so - The test tube would be placed in the clamp stand with 25ml of water. The ethanol burner was then placed underneath of the test tube 4cm away from the bottom. This was all placed on top of a heat proof mat. The thermometer was then placed into the test tube and water and a first reading was taken. The spirit burner was also weighed at the start and finish to calculate the total amount of fuel used.
The investigation then begun and the spirit burner was lit and placed underneath the test tube for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Once completed, the end temperature was recorded and the spirit burner was weighed.
From this information, we calculated the change in temperature and the total amount of fuel used during the 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This was repeated for the 4 fuels. These were Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol and Octanol.   These results were then recorded into a table.


Clamp Stand

Spirit Burner

Heat Proof Mat

| Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3 | Average |
Methanol | +2m 30s | +2m...


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