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Physics- Energy

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Energy Source | Pros | Cons | Future Use in Ontario |
Nuclear |     * Meets more than 50% of Ontario‚Äôs energy needs   * Low operating costs   * Virtually no emissions   * 6600 megawatt total nuclear plant capacity   * These 10 nuclear units generated 48.6 terawatt hours in 2011   * Darlington station achieved capability factor of 95.2%   * 5 other units operated at 90+% capability   * 2 at 80+% capability |     * Inherent risk as when meltdowns occur (Fukushima, Chernobyl), they destroy land and environment for decades   * Spent fuel reactors cannot stay on the premises for more than 90 days, need efficient cleaning and removal system   * Requires government incentives of billions of dollars to create Canadian fuel cells   * Uranium represents a finite resource, one that we are tapping into with unknown causes of the long term   * Waste cannot be used for 200,000 to 500,000 years |     * Will still be used for up to 50% of our energy needs by 2025, but as we increase our power usage exponentially, we will also see the growing of the nuclear power stations in Darlington and Pickering to accommodate this change   * Represents cleaner source of energy than coal, with massive electrical benefits due to high capability factors but could also have disastrous effects if not watched very, very carefully   * As it is a readily available power source, the popularity of it in the energy sector will most probably not decrease until a clean, less harmful source of energy is found   * Ensures price stability while not contributing to air pollution or global warming, but because of high construction and upgrade costs, lengthy development times and issues with waste disposal, we might see a push for new nuclear energy |
Hydro |     * Timeless, renewable energy source   * Lowest-cost power source   * 32.4 terawatt hours of energy produced last year alone   * Low production costs, virtually seamless reliability   * 65 stations up to date and 240 dams Electricity produced at constant...


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