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Wellness in Adults and Young Children

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Wellness in Adults and Young Children
Karen K. Noa
January 23, 2012

WELLNESS                                                                                                                     2
Wellness in Adults and Young Children
Thinking back to wellness and safety in my life, I understand now how unhealthy eating can cause unhealthy growth.   My parent could not afford doctor bills so whenever we got sick with a childhood diseases, (measles, mumps, chicken pox, flu, etc.) that today can be avoided with an immunization shot.   They would just buy and use over the counter medicine.   Even dental visits were few and far between.   In the text is states that, “a healthy diet provides children with the necessary nutrients for a optimal development”   (Sorte, 2011).   I don’t feel that this was so in my case.   For example, although we did not eat a lot of candy or drink soda our daily diet consisted of rice, pork and bean from a can and hot dogs, or corn beef and cabbage, or canned spaghetti O.   If we ate vegetables it came from a can.   My mom who was not a good cook often cooked meals that were oily or over done.   We were never really monitored or told to wash hands before or after meals or bathroom. We ran around outside with no footwear causing many injuries that could have been prevented with proper footwear.   I personally do not know if these factors played a role in why I became shy and withdrawn as a child, but it did not help either.
After contemplating my wellness growing up, or lack of wellness and reading the text confirms how important teaching wellness to children and families are.   The unhealthy food that was our constant diet as children caused chronic illness for my nine siblings and I.   The bad diet we consumed as children was one of the factors of risk for disease as adults.   Cancer and...


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