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How to Solve Misunderstandings and Adjustments in New Marriage?

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As you all know marriage is the most important decision of our life and before marriage our life is different and after marriage it’s different. In any case we should be ready for that big change in our lifestyle as marriage is not like buying a vehicle. It’s something bigger than ever important decision of our life. We often notice that our parents advocate early marriage as they find it the most judicial in every sense. Early marriage may not be a best option for today’s youngsters but it has wide variety of benefits. From our sex need to our social need to our emotional need everything is shared beautifully with the partner we can trust. It’s really better than girlfriends and boyfriends as sharing the personal and emotional needs with a girlfriend or boyfriend may put you in great danger as the person is not bonded by any ritual or law.

Even the job oriented people who are against early marriage will be benefited with early marriage concept as the responsibilities and liabilities are mutually shared by both the partners. Although there are great variations in this as not every partner is ready for adjustments and compromise.

The biggest thing which hampers the whole concept of marriage is the so called male ego. The man always want to see there wife in the secondary position as they can never tolerate the dominance of woman in anyway. Things become sarcastic and dramatic when woman is used with no acknowledgment and applause. Working woman is demanded by today’s metropolitan men as they do not trust there own purchasing power to run the kitchen. The unlucky part lies in the fact that these working woman have to work outside as well in household to gain the respect and favor of there in-laws. There patience and sacrifice is treated as there duty and there body is treated as working machine. No matter how much urbanized mankind has become it still does not guarantee the complete independence of woman.

The misunderstandings are created in family on the...


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