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Comics in My Eyes

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Comic media


I always consider comics as a kind of special medium which owns unique skills and ways of expressing, such as deformation, analogy, symbol, imply, alluding, exaggeration. And the exaggeration is the most useful and powerful skill in comics I think, for comics is always simple and exaggerate describing life or current events. And this exaggeration just provides a kind of irony and humor which lead to a great effect on the comic purpose, criticism and praise.

In china, native comic industry is not that mature while Japanese comics grows well among teenagers. I think it is because Japanese has longer history and stronger willing of comics and their cartoon skills on the screen is much advancer. Such as Naruto and one piece, they are both hot comics.

And there are also some American comics in china, such as superman and the Turtles. I watched them on TV when I was a child too. From theses American comics, I could truly feel some American spirits, which are called freedom, justice and individual heroism. For example, the superman will implement justice. Sometimes superman will lose because even superman also has weakness, but that is only temporary and he will win on the final by himself.

During the last week’s museum visiting, I found a series of comics which was really interesting and caught my eyes. That comics is about Schwarzenegger. And they express a dissatisfication of the residents to their governor. That cartoon imitated the awards of oscar and the little golden oscar is hitting Schwarzenegger’s head, which is really humorous and irony.

I’m always interested in cartoon, this kind of creative things, and I think it still has much room to develop, especially in our country, which I am really looking forward to.


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