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Mobilization of Youth - Paper

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                      Youth forms a major and immensely important chunk of the population of any country. The elders and leaders are the guiding force that direct the nation in time of turmoil, crisis, war or any other kind of difficulty, yet it is the youth which provides the raw energy and human resources for the job. In Pakistan youth constitutes a little above 60% of the entire population. It is because of this that the guidance of the youngsters of Pakistan   is even more important than it was or is anytime or anywhere else.
Unfortunately like many other pages of Pakistani history mobilization of youth is one that has suffered severe injustice times and times again. We as a nation would do well to remember that countries whose youth suffer ignorance and injustice have a very dark and unpromising future in store for them. It is therefore obligatory for a nation to clean from its youngsters the grime and filth of an ignorant fool and mold him or her into a personality which is productive and beneficial both socially and individually. In addition youth must be inspired and motivated as much as possible so that goals of national development seem important to them as opposed to accretion of personal capital and gain.
Problems faced by youth:
                                        Giving an account of steps to mobilize the youth of Pakistan for national development would prove to be impossible without first identifying the areas where our weaknesses lie in this matter.
  Lack of education:
                              The first and foremost problem faced by our youth is lack of a good education system. The education system for most of our youth usually aims at cramming and memorizing some useless texts that fail to give the youngsters a profound sense of application of acquired knowledge and skills of argumentation and method that are absolutely essential in the ever challenging and ever changing...


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