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Oil Essay

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John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were entrepreneurs that improved the US economy significantly.‭ ‬In the late‭ ‬1800‭’‬s United States were desperate on boosting the economy after the terrifying civil war.‭ ‬The last hope was to improve the economy by cutting the oil prices and doubling up in sales.‭ ‬This resulted in boosting the economy magnificently.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬benefits includes producing school and hospitals.‭ ‬This plays a huge part of this over heated debate.
‎ ‏“In‎ ‏1860,‎ ‏the nation's total wealth was‭ ‬$16‭ ‬billion‭; ‬by‭ ‬1900,‭ ‬it was‭ ‬$88‭ ‬billion.‭”‬ (Apple,‭ ‬2003‭)‬ As you can tell the economy has rose significantly throughout the late‭ ‬1800‭’‬s to‭ ‬1900‭’‬s.‭ ‬The only two‭ ‬monopolies was owned by John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.‭ ‬America‭’‬s economy grew by more than‭ ‬400%‭ ‬between‭ ‬1860‭ ‬and‭ ‬1900.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller had the biggest business during the time.‭ ‬Other small businesses gave no competition to the one owned by Carnegie and Rockefeller.
‎ ‏“Rockefeller gave‎ ‏$180‎ ‏million to the head of‭ "‬The Country School of To-Morrow,‭" ‬Frederick Gates,‭ ‬where young and old will be taught in practicable ways.‭”‬ (Apple,‭ ‬2003‭)‬ Rockefeller obviously cared about peoples education.‭ ‬This flipped the economy because school ends up in having more job.‭ ‬The root of a job is having a privately owned business.‭ ‬Although there was no competition against the top dog‭ (‬Rockefeller and Carnegie‭)‬,‭ ‬they at least give people opportunity.
‎ ‏Carnegie‭’‬s steel company made this economy sky rocket through the roof.‭ ‬Metal in the late‭ ‬1800‭‘‬s were high in demand.‭ ‬Carnegie had a bigger company than all of great Britain's combined.‭ ‬This steel industry was rapidly growing day by day.‭ ‬By the end of Carnegie‭’‬s career,‭ ‬he decided to sell his company and donate a large amount of money for good causes.‭ ‬For example,‭ ‬there were over‭ ‬2,500‭ ‬libraries build by using his...


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