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"Alas life has become clear, up with the glass, down with the beer" - Albert


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The man began his death walk towards the man they called Luke. The envelope had to be delivered. This envelope could get him out of the mess which had killed half his family. This envelope could get him £3.5million and paradise. This envelope could also get him killed.
The small, fragile looking man walked slowly towards him. Two securities guards, one tall and lanky the other small and well-built, escorted him. They knew the man was coming, but were still told to be on high alert. The humid air made the poor man sweat. A foutain poured down in his old wrinkled face, his heart trying to throw itself out of his mouth. Finally, the deprived man had reached his destination, by the dining table next to his fuhrer. The sun which had risen into the bright peaceful sky had begun its departure to bed and allow his brother to shine its powerful light ovezr the village of Swetes.
At 6”2, an ex-Marine-gone AWOL for the US army, his muscles in his biceps and stomach making his light blue flowered shirt look tight. His pink shorts and sandals made him look like a tourist. He was hiding and only two people were aware where he was; even then he couldn’t trust them. Luke was very unpredictable, which made the situation worse for this young frail man looking down at him. He was enjoying himself for once.
“Hello,” whispered the man. He had an Antiguan accent which meant he was obviously from the islands. The man had practised this several times. This automatically caught Luke. He knew he was coming and was waiting for hours whilst he looked at the surroundings on his veranda and drank his Rum and Coke. “My name is-”
“Do I look like I give a monkeys what your name is?” snapped Luke. He took a deep breath and stared right into the eyes of the young Antiguan man. He was annoyed at how late he was. “Sit down,” Luke gestured towards an empty chair.
The feeble man sat down whilst Luke took out a cigarette. He took a puff, the smoke getting lost in the fast approaching blue-black sky....


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