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Ads Contrargumentation Essay

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Fioravanti or Coke?

We live in a world of advertisements. Magazines, newspapers, TV comerciales are full of messages   to convince us that one idea or product is the best, so they can be sold. In the attempt to persuade us, some propaganda techniques are used.   The   fioravanti and coca cola   comercials are examples of two differents brands of soda sold in Ecuador, using similar propagandas techniques such us : : testimonial, transfer, general glittering generalities

The comercials of these   two products use testimonial technique, in which   the fame of   celebrities are used   to make a product more atractive ( McClintock
N,   665).   One one   hand,   Fioravanti, the national soda, uses Juan Fernando Velasco, because he is one of the most   famous singers in our country and recently   his new album "a contratiempo" has became very popular in southamerica.   So, people   could associate success to Fioravanty and probably   drink it. On the other hand, Coke uses   artist as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, because they are famous american young singers ademired all over the world for many   teeneagers,   who do whatever   to be like   them. Due to the popularity of the celebritie makes the product atractive, this technique is very used.

The second thecnique used by these   products in their comercials is glitering generalities, in which "advertisers surround their product with attractive   and slyppery words and phrases" ( McClintock , 664). For example,   the phrase most used by Fioravanti   in its ads is:   "   Fioravanti, ecuadorian pride since 1978" .   Altought "pride" is a word hard to define, it could be asociated with the fact that Fioravanti was one of the first sodas in America. So "ecuadorian pride"   as a expression of nacionalism could be an important point when you decide what to drink. In turn, Coke has been always known for the phrases it uses to catch people atenttion. The most recent one used since 2009 until   today is: "Coke open happiness".   Even tought happiness...


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