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Cole Cripps

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Cole Cripps
HI 101
Mrs. Reed
14 November 2012
The author in the “So Called Letter of Alexius” and “Pope Urban in Fulcher’s History” tried to motivate the Europeans to go on crusade to the Holy Land by telling the crusaders that the people of Jerusalem were nasty people.     In “So Called a Letter of Alexius”   they did horrible things to the new born boys like circumcised them over the Christian baptismal fonts and then poor the blood from the circumcision into the baptismal fonts and make them pee on them.     Supposedly they drug the kids around the church violently and punished them in many different ways and ultimately killed them.   Then for the daughters made them sing scary songs and would allow them to be raped.   The motivations that helped explain the crusaders behavior once they captured Jerusalem was a very horrifying behavior from the way that they handled the situation.     In “Pope Urban in Fulcher’s History” it is said that the crusaders entered the city and forced the people to the top of Solomon’s temple.     Many were shot by arrows on the way to the temple and then the rest were beheaded.     It is said that there was so much blood that your ankles would have been stained from it.     After they killed the people they started to cut open the stomachs of them to see if they could find any gold pieces that they swallowed.   Soon they realized that it would be easier to just burn the bodies and dig through the ashes to find the gold.     Then they ransacked the people’s houses and took all the valuables from their houses.     The poor people that helped siege the city became rich.


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