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Chartres Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral
Entering cathedral through the central or royal portal, the eye is drawn to the awe inspiring ceiling.   This is, of course, not unusual in a cathedral, since impressively high ceilings are used to point the way to heaven.   The chairs have been removed from the aisle that leads to the apse; however, one is unable to precede directly down the aisle, as a floor maze forces visitors to wander the famous labyrinth of the Chartres Cathedral.
Upon completing the winding walk, guests could continue to the apse.   Since the cathedral is laid out in a cruciform shape, visitors pass by the two transepts, right and left rectangular shapes of a cross. Pillars line the aisle stretching an incredible18 meters to the ceiling. Once in the nave, people can observe the vaulted ceiling (Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame, 2007) which is 36 meters high with stained glass windows on either side.  
Prior to entering the Cathedral, visitors will notice the unusual flying buttresses on the outside walls of the nave, created to support the extra tall vaulted ceiling. The astonishing stained glass windows are dark, but still light enough to allow guests to view “biblical stories, legends of the saints, the lives of heroes like Roland and Charlemagne, and scenes of everyday medieval life” (Chartres Cathedral: Stained Glass, n.d.).   More examples await us in the apse.

Giotto’s Arena Chapel Nativity Compared to Pisano in the Pisa Baptistery Pulpit

Giotto's Arena Chapel contains the frescoes of the painter Cimabue Giotto. The fresco of the Nativity is a part of the story of the virgin.   The story of the incarnation and infancy of Christ begins on the Chancel Arch and continues to the middle register.
The pulpit by Nicola Pisano is different from other pulpits in that it stands alone, not sharing a wall with a church. Thus the pulpit itself can be seen as a sculpture and is capable of being viewed from all sides.   It is supported by columns.   Three of the columns are...


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