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Assessment Cover Sheet

      Programme title ______BEngTech_____________________________________________________

      Course number & title__Thermodynamics ENB5110_________________________________________

      These assignments are worth 20% of the total module mark.
      They are worth equal marks.   All questions are to be attempted.
      They are to be completed in your own time.

      Student Name ______________________________________________________________

      ID Number _______________________

      Date of submission _______________________

Assessment 4 – Flow Processes
All answers to be given in SI units.   All questions carry equal marks.

    1. A throttling calorimeter is a device that measures the dryness fraction of wet steam by expanding it through a throttling valve to atmospheric pressure.   The expansion is adiabatic and isenthalpic (no change in enthalpy as there is no work done and no heat transfer).   The wet steam is fully dry after expansion.   If the following results are obtained: wet steam at 3 bara is expanded to 1 bara and has a final temperature of 110 OC, calculate the original quality (dryness fraction) of the steam using steam tables (you will need to use the superheated steam tables).

    2. One kg of steam with a quality of 20% is heated at constant pressure of 200 kPa until the temperature reaches 400 OC.   Calculate the work done by the steam during this process.

    3. A 110 mm diameter cylinder contains 100 cm3 of water at 60OC.   A 50 kg piston sits on top of the water.   If heat is added until the temperature is 200OC, find the work done.


        A paddle wheel is driven by a weight of 100 kg, which falls 3 m, resulting in an increase in volume in the cylinder of 0.002 m3.   The pressure in the cylinder is a constant 100 kPa.   Determine the net work done by the gas on the surroundings.   Neglect friction effects.



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