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Employee at Will Doctrine

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Q1 – Present 3 internal and 3 external stakeholders for a total of 6 separately identified stakeholders. Define what a stakeholder is in general, why it is important, and what impact it has on an organization. In answering the question specifically, examine why each identified group applies as a stakeholder, why it is considered internal or external, and the actual dealings Dr. DoRight might have with that group. This should provide you with ample opportunity for outside research.
Q2 – Each stakeholder group has a different focus or intent. Explain that focus or intent. Now, define what a conflict of interest is. Next, juxtapose the overriding intent of the internal stakeholders versus the external stakeholders. Finally, identify how and why there is an inherent conflict of interest present in this particular situation.
Q3 – Define ethics in general. Then attempt to define business ethics. Can they co-exist? What is the ethical dilemma at the heart of this case? Define the Deontology principle and the underlying basis behind its entire school of thought. What are its tenets? Now, apply it to the entirety of Dr. DoRight’s actions from beginning to end. Does your answer change if you are viewing his initial efforts separately from any subsequent actions or inaction?
Q4 – Follow the same format for Q4 as you did for Q3 by simply replacing Utilitarianism for Deontology. [Do not redefine ethics or business ethics, etc.] Simply apply the new theory here.
At this point, I will repeat the information I provided prior to Assignment 1 being due. The same applies here. Please follow these instructions.
This is a graduate-level class. Adequate research is required. It is unacceptable to hand in a paper that is purely speculative based on your opinion. This is a business law class. Your papers need to be conclusive, fact-based submissions grounded in academic or legal authority.
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