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Shakeel Marshall
Ms. Potratz
English 202
November 20, 2012
In early America, hunting was the only means of putting meat on the table. It was not questioned, or even given a second thought; it was just a way of life. Today, however, most people rely on the nice man in the white apron to supply them with the meats they so desire. You know the guy behind the swinging door in the back of the grocery store.
With the convenience of getting their foods already cleaned, dressed, and prepackaged, it seems that some Americans have forgotten where their ancestors started out in this world. They would say that strapping on insulated boots, putting on cameo, and hunting for our own food, means we are partaking in an unethical practice. I choose to believe the contrary, that hunting is an ethical practice because it helps control the population of invasive species, prevents over population of native animals, and deepens the public appreciation for wildlife and their habitats. Look to the southern states in our nation. For years now, they have been at war with gruesome creatures called wild boar. This animal is not native to the Americas. They were first brought here by early Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto in the 1500's (Jacobs). Since then, they have reproduced very rapidly, The Southwest Florida Water management District states that, “They prey on native wildlife, compete with native species for food, and transmit diseases to other wildlife, livestock and humans (Feral Hogs).” Boars also annihilate crops meant for human food, and pose a real threat to personal safety because of their aggressive nature. To make matters worse, there are very few predecessors of wild hogs to naturally control their numbers. Humans have the ability to do just that through hunting and trapping. When talking about hunting wild pigs, many picture dead carcasses left lying where they fall. The opposite is usually true, government agencies, and many individuals, donated the animal...


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