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Soil Erosion Paper 101

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Introductory   Assignment 1.01

Dustin Gates

Soil erosion and possible solutions.

19 September via PostCron

With the removal of flora and fauna for land diversity, the earth is exposed to the elements such as wind and rain, the local wildlife such as birds and insects have no shelter or place to rest. This is where they would usually breed, hibornate and hunt.
The land being exposed means that drainage too has been altered, more water can flow through the soil and leech the nutrients, draining the goodness from the earth that would help plant life to grow. The excess water is not absorbed by plants, so continues to move to surrounding lakes and rivers.

This water will have taken not just the nutrients from the soil, but nitrates and fertilisers from farm land. The excess nutrients disturb the balance of the oxygen in the water, leading to fish to die from lack of oxygen and other species to struggle to survive in an abid climate. The above experiement demonstrates the affect of plant and follage being removed and the impact on water run off. The water from the soil with vegetation appears clear, wereas the arrid soils water appears brown.
A change in colour and consistency.
Further studies that investigate the impact of water induced soil erosion are "The Rose Experiement" :
In Hawaii, the soil erosion and land management issues are mentioned on this website:
More information on soil erosion on water can be found on a web page created by Western Share under the heading ''Water'' .(http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/sustainag/links/farmhabitat.html)

There are also very important microscopic living organisms living in the soil that have not been largely affected   like protozoa .Tiny eukaryotic cells that are ancestrally phagotrophic, without cell...


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