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Trading Shoes with Him

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Trading Shoes with Him
Loving me has always come natural to me. I grew up with a mother that constantly expressed to me that I should carry myself as a lady and never like a sloppy man. To wake one morning and find myself as the opposite sex would be too unreal. My everyday routine would be so out of sort and nothing would get accomplished.
When I rolled out of bed that morning, I would find myself standing in front of the mirror screaming and in complete shock. My womanly body had been transformed into a man. After standing in from of the mirror for about thirty minutes to an hour and slowly trying to accept that I wasn’t dreaming, I’d attempt to get ready for this life changing day. God forbid that I have to use the restroom. I would be so afraid of what was down there that I’d probably just hover over the toilet. I’m pretty sure that I’d be in the shower for more than an hour washing what I would consider a sweaty body. I’d throw on some jogging pants with a T-shirt because I wouldn’t have to spend all that time putting on moisturizers, blowing out my hair, or doing my makeup.   This would be the only plus about being a man for the day.
Instead of grabbing a breakfast bar and dashing out the door, I would need to cook a full breakfast for men need a lot of nutrients to function well.   After gobbling down my breakfast, I’d lay around on the chair most of the day only because it would take too much effort to explain to my boss that I was me, just in a man’s body. Don’t even get me started on manners which men don’t seem to carry. I’d be farting and burping without caring who’s around. Toilet seats left up, clothes all over the place, and dishes would be overflowing in the sink. The house would be a complete mess and I wouldn’t have accomplished anything that day.
Although men are unique in their own way and it doesn’t take that much effort to be them for a day, I’m perfectly happy being a woman. Even if it takes hours and hours to get ready every morning,...


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