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Abby Rifkin
English/ Period 3
Anne Moyer

Escape to Mars
Voices fill my head telling me to run. I run through the prison yard and climb the fence. I hear the guards running behind me closing in. I only have seconds before they catch me. I climb to the top of the fence and jump over. My shirt gets caught on the fence and I hear a ripping noise. I fall to the ground and hurry away. A voice in my head tells me to keep going no matter what happens. I run until I am out of sight and the police have lost pursuit. I have successfully escaped.
Two years ago my parents shipped me off to a mental hospital because they thought I was delusional. I had stayed there for not even a week when voices entered my head telling me to rob a bank. I listened to them and managed to get put in the Hawaiian jail. The voices eventually overcame my life and now they are all I hear. I will do anything for them, no matter what it takes. I have talked to them and they have reminded me of my wonderful home planet, Mars. One day I hope to rejoin my alien family.
I slow down my pace and come upon a deserted beach. I collapse on the ground, panting hard. I close my eyes and the next thing I know I hear waves crashing. The sun is peaking over the horizon and I realize I had fallen asleep. I gather my surroundings and slowly get up. My back hurts from sleeping on the hard ground and I brush sand from my pants. I scan the beach and start exploring. I manage to catch some fish to eat later. I decide to scan the beach one more time and I come upon a tent. The tent has a rip in it, but I can still use it. I find a dry area and set up the tent. I eat the fish and curl up in my tent. The voices have not spoken to me in awhile and I wonder what they will say next. I fall fast asleep but soon get bolted awake by water dripping on my forehead. I look up to see the patch is wide open and water is dripping through. I scramble around the tent and find a big banana leaf. I patch up the hole...


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