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Politics Can Be Understood - Essay

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Politics Can Be Understood
With elections just around the corner, voters want to stay up to date with what is currently going on in the nation. At the same time, it is difficult to find information that is informative, yet interesting to read. A conservative writer for The Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg, is successful in this balance between information and humor. Goldberg’s articles focus on political issues taking place within the United States, but always have a sarcastic tone that is prevalent throughout each article. As an editor of The National Review Online, Goldberg stays busy, yet never out of the action. His use of pathos and sarcasm allows for readers to understand and relate more complicated issues in politics. Goldberg puts emphasis on political issues people care about and ultimately forces them to make an opinion.
After reading Goldberg’s columns, it is easy to see why he is such a popular writer today. Goldberg relates different events in order to help the readers better understand the issues he talks about. His use of emotional appeals allows the reader to really connect with the article and make sense of what he is discussing. In Goldberg’s February 7th article, “A U.N.- but for good guys” he discusses the possibility of a completely democratic United Nations. In doing so, he relates this new possible council to the organization that “helped topple Saddam Hussein.”   By attaching this proposed group to one in the past, people can visualize how this council would be beneficial. If one similar to it was used to get rid of Saddam Hussein, then it must be good. People are emotionally attached to Saddam Hussein because of all the problems he caused for the United States. Relating him to anything else at all is bound to stir up some old feelings and in this case those feelings would cause for support of Goldberg’s proposition In relation to this, Goldberg uses emotional appeal in his January 31st column, “Political finger-pointing.” This article...


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