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Classification of the Ball Mill Based on Different Conditions

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How many classification does ball mill have? I am here to tell you:
1. Category based on impact type: lightweight, heavy-duty.
2. According to length:
(1) An aspect ratio is less than 2, it is a short-mill, or a ball mill. Single chamber is used for coarse grinding or a grinding, 2-3 ball mills can also be used in tandem.
The aspect ratio of the long mill is about 3;
(3) The aspect ratio of the long-mill is 4 above. For the long grind, its interior is generally divided into 2-4 positions, with more in the cement plant.
3. Classified according to the grinding media shape:
(1) Loaded ball mill grinding media is made of steel balls or steel segment, the this mill is most commonly used.
(2) Rod mill was charged with a diameter of 50-110mm of steel bars as a grinding media, the ratio of the length and the diameter of the rod mill is generally 1.5-2mm.
(3) This ball mill usually has 2 --- 4 positions. This mill has a cylindrical steel rod as grinding media loaded in the first compartment, subsequent positions are filled with the steel balls or steel segment. Rod ball mill aspect ratio of 5 is appropriate, the ration between the rod positions length and the effective diameter of the mill should be between 1.2-1.5, the length of the rod is shorter 100mm than rod chamber, in order to facilitate the parallel arrangement of steel rod bars and avoid cross-chaos rods.
(4) The gravel grinding mill is filled with grinding media such as gravel, pebbles, ceramic ball. Granite, porcelain do liner, which is used for white or colored cement and ceramic production.
4. Classified according to discharge mode.
tail detachably mill. Grinding the material from one end of the mill, and discharge from the other end, called tail detachably mill.
Detachably mill. Grinding materials from both ends of the mill, and discharge from the  central ramp by the mill shell. Class mill is equivalent to two ball mills used in parallel so that the equipment is compact, and simplify the...


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