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How to Enhance the Efficiency of Classifier

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Characteristics of classifier.html">spiral classifier
Spiral classifier is one of the devices of the beneficiation, spiral classifier is a device by taking advantage of  the principle that Solid particles have different specific gravities, and thus precipitated in the liquid at different speeds.
1. It is used for the separation of the power exceeding the standard in the mechanism of sand dry production process, it can be very convenient to control mechanisms gravel powder content to meet the user's requirements.
2. It is suitable for dry, medium sand making production line.
3. 0.00 - 0 .75 mm powder content is adjustable between 2% -15%.
4. Powder quality is easy to control, the fineness adjustment is convenient, flexible and reliable.
5. Tiles lining has very low maintenance rate.
6. Using frequency conversion control technology, operation is more concise. My company is willing to cooperate with you for a better tomorrow.
How to improve the efficiency of spiral classifier
1. Change the traditional ways of discharge of spiral classifier , and adopt the bilateral row of ore, thus shorten the path of movement of mineral particles in the classifier and avoid pulp reflux, timely discharge the fine-grained overflow and shorten the settling time.
2. For the thin ore grains that sink to the bottom of the tank, we can add a stirring device in the bottom of the spiral classifier, and bring it back to the surface of pulp, and drain out with the overflow, and further reduce the thin particle in sand clamp and increase efficiency. Such as the Hongxing  spiral classifier  increases the return sand automatic lifting device, and cancel the configuration of ball mill large spoon head, which greatly improve the grading efficiency.
3. We can also consider to change the traditional gravity sedimentation classification in the classification zone, and add a new field of force, such as an increase in the upper part of the grading machine sieve,...


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