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Products Are Safe

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Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe. I am fully agree with the statement but I am not agree to some extend about the second part of the statement which says, if a product injures someone for whatever reason, the manufacturer should held legally and financially accountable for the injury. I have read, heard and seen people ignoring the direction and safety procedures of product use I do not that the manufacturers should be held accountable for people’s negligence.
Most conspicuously, the manufacturers know better how the product should be using and what is its product proposes. In this part manufacturers must be responsible for producing safety product. They are legally and morally accountable for producing safety product in order to sell in a market. If they ignore the safety part and the product injures someone than the manufacturers are the only one party to be blamed for the fatalities. For example, if a shampoo manufacturer sold a shampoo with harmful chemical on it and if a person uses it as it was directed and start to see drastic changes in her or his hair qualities then a manufacturer is solely responsible for the consequences. In the above example it was manufacturers’ responsibility to bring the product in the market after it was proved to be safe and secure to use.
However, the responsibilities of the manufacturers and the product users must be analyzed case by case. Some time no matter how much the manufacturers try to avoid the fatalities while it’s being used, there is some kind of accident involved with it. For example, a coffee house sold a hot coffee to a customer and there is caution sign in the coffee cup and the coffee seller provided a cup sleeve with the cup but the customer ignores it and take out the coffee lead to make the coffee cold if the coffee spill and burn the customers than it cannot be the seller’s responsibilities because the seller did whatever he could to avoid the fatality.


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