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“Danzon Dance”
    Danzón is the official genre and dance of Cuba. It was performed for first time on January first of 1879 in Matanzas city. This perform was called “Las Alturas de Simpson” and it was created for Miguel Failde. In addition, “Las Alturas de Simpson” was a place very popular in that city where many young people used to make parties.
    At the beginning Danzón was classified as an indecent dance. In other words, the Danzón was initially regarded as scandalous, especially when it began to be danced by all classes of the society. The slower rhythm of the Danzón led to couples dancing closer, with sinuous movements of the hips and a lower centre of gravity. For this reason, people had to dance it in hidden. However, it was becoming very popular little by little. In fact, famous poets of that period wrote beautiful poems dedicated to Danzón. Moreover, important musicians and choreographers of the island such as Antonio Romeu, Raimundo Valenzuela and Jose Urfe contributed to enrich the Danzón with new steps and new pieces of music.   By the decade of 1920s the Danzón became hugely popular, and was the dominant popular music in Cuba until the advent of the son.  
    The group of musician who play Danzón usually use musical instrument such as piano, violin, kettledrum, flute, trombone, trumpet, conga, cowbell and double bass. The music they make sound pretty classical. However, it contains a particular rhythm that make the couple dance without stopping. This kind of rhythm is called the baqueteo.
    Danzón is virtuoso music, with dance. A Danzón, in its original form, was not sung, and did not feature any improvisations, unlike some other Cuban genres. Also, Danzón is an elegant slow dance, danced in a closed partner position common to European ballroom dances, and follows the formal rondo (A-B-A-C-A) structure of the music.
    The music begins with the A section; an introduction (four bars) and paseo (four bars) which is usually repeated....


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