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The Life After

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My name is Rosalie Anne Smith. I was raped and murdered by Robert sanders in the summer of 1978. I was 15 and the typical teenage life. I had the world on my side, captain of the school soccer team, President of the Choir club, and a pretty popular girl in the school. But all that changed in a flash one night. One choice began my last choice.
          Friday night, August 18th 1978, I was walking home from a friend’s house; it was late around 10 or so. It was still warm out, so I decided to take the path through the city park to get home. The park is absolutely quiet with only the sound of the huge fountain in the center. I paused at the fountain and stood in awe. Thinking no one was around, I said aloud, “This is a romantic spot.” I was awakened from my fantasy, of being with a boy here, when a deep male voice who said, “Yes, indeed, you are quite beautiful yourself my dear.” I tired to run but I got sharp pain in the back of my head and everything went black.
          When I woke up, every part of my body hurt. I just laid on the cold floor of a dark room. My hands and feet were tied together. I couldn’t scream or call for help, my mouth was covered in duct tape. He must have heard me starting to stir, because he came in with a large knife.
He said to me “Now to finish you off, Rosalie. Oh! I was very pleased with your body; it’s lovely and so young.”
He laughed and I felt the icy burn of the knife driven into my heart multiple times.
          The pain was excruciating and unbearable. Suddenly everything went bright, like a light being shined into my face, but as quickly as it came it was gone. I opened my eyes slowly I was back in the dark room.
This isn’t supposed to happen. Why am I in the room again? Why can I see my body on the floor? There is a pool blood, I look nothing like self. I could not stand there any longer, I ran out the room and out the door of the little shack. I ran until I was back in the park. I don’t know how far I ran. I just...


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