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How Do Black Holes Form and Could They Be a Threat to Earth

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LaMar Pierre Jackson Jr.
Mrs. Matthews
Freshman Composition
26 November 2012

Black Holes
How Do Black Holes Form and Could They Be a Threat To Earth?
The universe is a realm filled with wonder, excitement, chaos, and an endless series of questions. Within this mysterious realm lie’s an infinitive number of stars, galaxies, planets, and countless other astronomical phenomenon’s. Though these are all wonders in their own right, many more wonders dwell out in the ever expanding universe; and none is more wondrous than the infamous black hole. From Einstein’s theory of relativity to the miraculous super nova, these contributions have helped scientist understand black holes right down to their smallest atom. Through research performed by Stephen Hawking, Smithsonian’s research team, and NASA one can see how a black hole is formed and the potential risk it proposes for planet Earth.
First and foremost the question remains what is a black hole? A black hole can be summed up into being the universes ultimate prison where escape is not possible, while the scientific description of a black hole is a point in space where matter is crushed by the overwhelming power of gravity. Since matter is the amount of mass within an object, this helps scientist to understand not only how much mass is in a black hole, but also helps in the understanding of the formation of these cosmic beasts.
The question that seems to circulate in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology is how do these monstrosities form? The way black holes come into existence is through the explosive miraculous phenomenon known as the Supernova. In “WHAT IS A BLACK HOLE” by the Hawking’s a supernova is an event in space in which a massive star ten times the mass of the Sun is drained of its nuclear core to the point that it cannot contain the pressure happening on the outside of its body. The result will cause the star to collapse upon itself due to its own gravitational field becoming a dense ball creating...


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