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Ad Paper

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EJ Arboleda
English 1A

Ad Analysis

Flipping through the pages of Game Informer Magazine, I stumbled across an ad for Assassin’s Creed III. It shows a picture of a dead soldier lying on a snow, all alone, with a group of soldiers killing each other on the background, the setting for the ad looked like it was taken back from the American Revolutionary War. On top of the ad is the text “Ignite the Revolution”. The thesis for this advertisement is: buy the video game and play like you are in part of the revolution war. The whole purpose is to convince the audience to play Assassins Creed III.
The scene of the ad takes place at morning or afternoon in a remote part of the town. In the background it shows a bunch of soldiers shooting and killing each other. However their faces are not visible. In the middle of the photo shows an American man presumably killed by a British enemy. His gun and hat are still laying down next him, the mystery man with a hidden face.  The man is wearing a red suit and wears a white strap that clinches to his shoulders. The soldier is possibly Caucasian. The main appeal of violence is made by the body language between all the soldiers. The man’s hidden face is a significant statement to the ad.
The intended audience for this advertisement is for mature audience and people who likes to play video games. The image of war, violence, guns, and explosions in the ad is something video game lovers can relate to. Aside from the action and setting of the
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advertisement, the colors in the ad stress the theme of violence.  The color palette for this ad includes mainly white, gray, black and dark blue.  Together they present a sleek, almost professional tone yet cold and frosty. The atmosphere of the image makes it look like the war is taken place at a remote area. Furthermore, the image that stands out the most from this advertisement is the dead soldier. This technique is used to focus the viewer’s...


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