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The Flying Machine

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LaMar Pierre Jackson Jr.
Mrs. Slifer
English 4
October 3, 2011

Disney World

I’m wearing my baseball cap with my Pokémon book bag on my shoulders walking towards the airports gigantic doors. My dad says “come on LaMar we’re going to miss our plane you seriously need to stop walking at negative zero miles per hour”.
“Dad I’m on my way hold your horses you’re going too fast for me”.
Dad and I approach a huge flying machine “this is the size I want to be one day”, as my dad giggles at me. We approach the flying machine where there are rows upon rows of chairs; I yell out dad “please tell me we’re sitting in the front!”
“What do you think?”   “Of course we are”.
I jump in my seat near the window ecstatically; the flying machine roaring like an angry lion excites me as I put on my seat belt. The ground begins moving beneath me, as the momentum of the flying machine builds and builds. The flying machine suddenly begins to lift from the ground and starts to ascend into the sky. The sky is like an ocean with cotton clouds that surrounds us in the air, dad says “LaMar we are heading towards Florida”.
Confused to what is going on I say “ok dad” when I really have no idea what that is hoping that the anxiety will leave my body.
We finally land in Florida and the airport is bigger than the one we left back in Rochester. My dad and I gather our luggage and we begin to approach towards this nice black stretch limousine that my dad says will take us to our hotel.   We head towards the Grand Floridian Hotel and it’s humongous and beautiful. Dad says “come on LaMar lets head to our room and unpack”. I excitingly sprint to the big metal doors anxious to see our room. As we enter into the room a huge flat screen TV stares at us and a king sized bed waiting to be bounced on brings absolute joy to my heart.
Dad says “let’s go the limo has come back for us”, “alright I’m coming hold your horses”.
The limo begins driving down a long strip where the sight of a tall...


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