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All About Anger

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All about anger management
Talking about anger management as a combination of myths is like looking at something clearly but can’t reach it. The author look at anger management as two myths: ’’If you want it to go away,try to be angry ; And try to   get rid of   anger because every kind of it is bad ‘’
Beginning with the first myth that talks about letting your anger go away by taking it out… To some, this kind of behavior is useful. Researches show that yelling and punching can release tension, and some use this way just to feel the power or to feel that the others will listen to them. So if we take an example on these kind of relation between parents and children, we can see that the major problems will be truly solved offensively but it may cause children to avoid the parents in other times, so it’s creating another kind of problems. On the other hand, releasing your anger can be addictive, many likes the feeling that anger gives them , and others dislike their actions but they find it useful to solve a problem.
Finally, “Eliminate your anger because every type of it is bad” and that’s what we see when parents say :”if you’re going to use that tone, you should probably go to your room”. They punish their children just to avoid fights and stressors.
In conclusion, I think I will disagree with the author of “THE TWO MAJOR MYTHS OF ANGER MANAGEMENT” because he was looking at anger as a trouble maker. Their‘s many type of constructive anger like when parents yell at the child on something wrong to convince him . So I think that there’s no need to think about anger management as long as the person in peaceful, And like Gandhi proverb :”to manage your anger, you have to deal with the devil inside you “.


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