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Mrs .Mannes
Life Skills – 2nd

Yoga and flexibility
Using yoga is to improve flexibility. I choice this Topic because it is fascinating to me how people can be so flexible. You may ask yourself how yoga can improve your flexibility. There are ways to improve your flexibility. First connecting breathing with the movements. When you take slow controlled breaths it not only relaxes you but also your muscles. When your muscles are relaxed you can stretch them more than usual. Number two avoid bouncing while holding the posture when bouncing it sends signals to the brain to muscles to tighten and contract to protect themselves. There are many other ways to improve your flexibility in yoga. Flexibility has its benefits here are a few It can improve your posture, Eliminates shortening of musculature, reduces risk or injury, improves performance, reduces muscles stiffness and soreness and improves blood flow. These are only a few benefits or being flexible. If any of these above had occurred it would be a freeze in your life therefore yoga is a great thing to learn. It would save you a lot of injuries to if you are in sports. Yoga is beneficial to many athletes Football, soccer, baseball, track and many others sports use yoga to avoid injuries during their seasons. Yoga is also a way to relax after a long day in your daily routine. It not only would relax your body it would also relax your mind. in other to be flexible you also need to be relaxed. Being relaxed is something very hard to do after a long day in your daily routine day after day it may become very stressful. Mind and body connection. It’s like thinking about something over and over till it finally breaks you. It can cause Headaches, tight chest and lack of appetite. Also heath problems, stiffness and soreness all of which may cause lack of self confidence. Therefore yoga and flexibility can affect many you in many different ways in your life yoga can help improve many things from weight to health. It may...


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