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The Legend

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The Legend of Michael Pierre.

Like most stories begin with a beginning there is a young man. Basketball oh did this young man love so much. He would go to nearby basketball courts whenever he could, before school, after school, at night, in the morning, whenever he could.   His name was Michael Pierre. Only 14 years of age.
Michael thought he was so good! He would come to his mom and say “One day mom, where going to be wealthy. I’ll be the best in the NBA! I’m going to prove it to you, just watch.” He was would smile at him and reply back with “One day sweetie one day. “ Michael always tried out for his school basketball team but never made it! He would get frustrated when the paper was up for kids that made cuts. Michael was so certain that he would make that team!
That didn’t stop Michael from playing basketball, because that boy loved that sport with a passion! He would still go practice whenever he could. 10 times harder than ever. Little did he know, he needed work not just simple work but a lot! One day Michael came to his dearly mother and asked her “Mom can we go and see if any comp teams will accept me?” She said “Sure son go get ready and we will go after you’re done.” So he did. They go out and go to this rec. center and talk to the office.
Michael’s mom, “We were wondering if my son could join any of the comp teams that are going on for basketball.” Head lady of the office said, “Let me check, because you might have to go talk to some of the coaches and see what their response would be?” His mother replies back, “Alright sounds great, thanks” 15 minutes later the Head lady of the office says, “Well I have talked to some of the   coaches and they said they would like to meet up with your son, they want him to show them what he’s got. “ Michael says, “Oh, best believe they will all wanting me on their team.” The lady says, “I’m sure they will sweetie.”
A few days after, Michael performs for some of these coaches. They all had some thoughts...


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