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Lubrication Cautions of Ball Mill

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   Improper lubrication of main bearing and hollow journal is one reason that leads to the damage of main bearing.
(1) Lubricating oil
Lubricant selection should be careful. The viscosity and sticky temperature are not suitable for ball mill bearing, which will lead to bush burning. In addition, the lack of oil, oil spills or oil hand towel oil surface does not get the regular elevation, which leads to insufficient oil supply, will lead to the bearing face film is not easy to form. Lubrication failure will result in bush-burning.
(2) Oiliness
The oil quality is poor, not clean towel debris, dust, materials will enter the main bearing face. Resulting in its premature wear or clogged lubrication system components circulating oil unimpeded. Oil supply shortage will result in bearing damage. This lubricant preferably filtered and then added the fuel tank.
Lubrication system failure
(3) Lubrication system failure results in the bush burned. Such as: oil gear pump system. Hydraulic components. Filter is damaged, we do not take timely measures and reduce or interrupt the system flow and lead to the bush burned.
Some mill main bearing lubrication is through lubricant oil lap belt scraped by scraping oil body to the fuel tank. Scraping oil is off due to wear and tear, the bush will be burned due to loss of lubrication. In this case, the oil scraper scraping oil body groove back should be appropriately heightened, and improving the stability of scraping oil body; guarantee its limit role. In addition. Regularly check scraping oil and with oil ring, to prevent it from falling, and narrowing the gap between the upper guide plate opening and scraping oil bodies. Guarantee its limit role. In addition. Regularly check scraping oil and oil ring, to prevent it from falling.
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