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Sociology 2

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Daily Care
First and foremost, a diabetic must strive for optimum health. All the usual recommendations for a healthy lifestyle—regular exercise, good sleeping habits, no smoking, care when drinking alcohol, etc.—are even more applicable to a diabetic.

given the huge hormone fluctuations and social pressures in adolescents in general, it should come as no surprise that these have an effect on diabetics, as well. Routines can suddenly go out of whack; glucose responses to certain events can change drastically. Vigilance is very important, especially as social pressures may cause a diabetic adolescent to rebel against being different or requiring special attention.

A person with diabetes can lead a normal healthy life, if his diabetes is well under control. This can be achieved by closely following the advice of the doctor, balancing the diet, medication and exercise, reducing stress and having a positive outlook to life. Certain occupations though are not advisable for persons with diabetes like being a pilot, armed forces, deep sea diving and working on a ship.

In Type 1 diabetes, which usually occurs in younger persons and where insulin is the only treatment that works, you must always take insulin as directed by your doctor. Your doctor will educate you about how to alter insulin doses according to your blood glucose levels that should be monitored at regular intervals; and how to guard against the occurrence of 'low blood glucose'.

In Type2 diabetes, which generally occurs at an older age, diet and oral drugs work well in the initial stages. However after some time [5-10 years later] many oral drugs stop working and you may require insulin injections. You should visit your doctor regularly and get your blood glucose checked at regular intervals as advised by your doctor so that you can achieve good blood glucose control.

This is an individual decision. In general the best course of action is neither to advertise your...


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