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Sports and Games in the Life of a Student

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Eaveryone likes sports and games because they help us to relax. They play an imporatnt role in development of one personality. Therefore, sports and games are consider very vital in the life of students. That is why almost every school has a sport teacher and it also held different sports competitions on regular basis. (54)
Sports and games provides good physical activity to growing children in an entertaining manner unlike excercises that look very boring and dull for kids. Physical activities are essential to keep one fit and healthy. It increases the blood circulation and thus provides more oxygen to each and every muscle. This really helps to keep them in order. There is a saying "A sound body has a sound body". (68)
Games and sports are a very good source of amusement and entertainment for students. They desperately need it after spending hours and hours in their studies. Even half hour play is sufficient to inject a new sprit in the body of student. Team games like cricket, football and hockey teach students to work together as a one unit. They also teach corporate discipline and obedience of his leader. All games also invokes creativity in students as winning a game requires very good planning. (83)
Finally, games and sports teach moral lesson to students. They promote sense of fair play, sportman sprit, obedience to   rules, self control and sacrifice of self for the goal of the whole. There is an old saying " The Battle of Water Loo was won on the playing field of Eton".


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