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Abstience Programs Effective

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Are Abstinence Programs Effective?
When I was a little girl, I never understood where babies really came from. I was told that they were delivered by a stork to families that were ready to become parents. After a while, I stopped believing that story and later started questioning how it all really works. I could never get a straight answer from anyone. No one ever wanted to explain or even discuss what really goes down.   All I kept getting told was having children at a young age was wrong and to not worry about this until I was old enough to understand the whole process, or better yet, not until I got married. I still was not satisfied by the answers I was given, so finally my mom shared a few things with me but later said, “Not to worry about all of this eventually you will learn the story about the birds and the bees in school.”
As I got older I knew that babies came from their mothers and that men had some part in the process. I understood that some people were waiting to start a family, while others jumped right in. I knew that the waiting process to start a family had a big word that was called abstinence. For me, at that time could not even pronounce or even begin to comprehend the meaning of the word. Later, I realized that abstinence meant that couples wait until they are married to have sexual intercourse to start a family within the right time during their marriage. Referring to what my mother used to tell me, I started to wonder when the time would come until I could actually learn about the whole process, the proper methods, and to be able to experience both programs that our school had to offer. I know weird, but hey, when I want to know I really want to know. From eavesdropping I learned that there were different programs that children and teenagers could attend to help inform them about safe sex including contraceptive methods, and the true meaning of abstinence.
During my last two years of middle school was when it all happened, sex education,...


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