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The Wave

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The Wave.
I thought that the book was really good, but sometimes it was hard to understand what they were doing.
I thought that the wave group were odd, everybody were sucked into this idea that there was only equals in the group but they just wanted a place they could fit into easily.
I knew that the only way someone in the wave would stop defending it is when they do something bad.
The strangest thing was that none other than Laurie and her friends in the school newspaper cared about the wave, everyone else acted like nothing unusual was happening in their school.
If a group like the Nazis or the wave was created in the world I would never join it, because I think that groups like that are for people who had all of their dreams crushed like Hitler.
In the end someone always stops those kinds of groups somehow, but I will not deny that I might be manipulated into joining a group like that.
I think that the wave weren’t like the Nazis therefore the Nazis denied that they were real Nazis.
They said that they were brainwashed and the people in Germany said that they didn’t notice anything weird happening.
I thought most of all that Laurie handled the problem very well when she wrote an article about the wave in the school newspaper and I think that “the pen is mightier than the sword”.
When I read about Robert I understood that he didn’t really want to be compared to his older brother who was good in school and good at sports, I knew that he would somehow get friends but in the end when he lost all of them I felt bad for him.
David was the one that I thought should go to hell the most at the beginning of the book.
He treated Laurie like dirt when she said that she didn’t want to be in the wave any longer.
However when I got close to the end of the book he started to see that the wave was a bad group and everybody would do anything to stay in the group and he “woke up” when he hurt Laurie because she bad mouthed the wave in the newspaper.
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