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Work Environment

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In any work setting, managers should be aware of their individual work environment and especially how they perceive what happens around them and to their employees.   Employers and managers need to know that the success of their business relies on how they use their perception skills and attribute those perceptions in ways that will better enhance the working atmosphere of their organization.   Managers should get to know the employees in way that they can encourage and boost their morale.   Every worker wants to feel that they can make a difference and if managers can understand and appreciate this, they will know how to motivate each employee to do their best and use their individual talents for the benefit of the company.   For example, if one employee is motivated by the amount of production he or she produces and another employee works best by the quality rather than the quantity, the manager will know what particular job is right for that person.   If the manager does not understand that people work differently with their own separate, but still important contribution, they will have missed the mark and will probably struggle with workers that are not happy (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2008).
Kinicki, A. & Kreitner, R. (2008).   Organizational behavior: key concepts, skills, & best
practices, 3rd edition. MBA Custom Text-Selected Chapters. New York: McGraw-Hill

Question 2 week 2
When I read the Kelley’s model , I knew what I wanted to write about for this discussion. My story would fall into the fundamental attribution bias in that I used someone’s behavior to sway what I thought about them (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2008).   Recently, my daughter told me about a girl that was having a hard time at home and asked me if I would think about letting this girl move in with us so she could finish her senior year at the local high school.   This was a very hard decision to make not only because of my limited finances but because I was unsure of what another person...


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