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Treasure hunting is the physical search for treasure, in the game we reach step by step closer to the hidden treasure   ,the game creates in us excitement ,adventure and thrill the search in the library is also the same.Books are wonderful gift to mankind.The kingdom of books is as vast as universe. They enrich our knowledge and learning.
A book can make you laugh when you are in the saddest mood....a book can scare you when you are in the safest location in the world..., a book can give you goosebumps with its thrilling scripts...a book can bring you in tears without you being in any sad situation...a book can take you deep inside the human psycology without even knowing about this, a book can give you all th einformation which you might never dreamed off....you think about anything and there are books explaining that too you...so do you require anything else to gain knowledge about anything in the world if you have books....i guess no...
Book is the treasure house of knowledge for making one exact in everything in the world so that one can be successful in all ventures.
Some people cannot afford to buy expensive books so we have librarys where people can know the world.
It is said that real purpose of books is to train the mind for self thinking. In a world that is in the grip of a digital revolution, schools have the challenge and responsibility of creating and sustaining.
Books are man's best friends. They give us company equally in times of happiness as well as in times of distress.

 Ms.Bushra Rahman


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