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Anarkali Bazaar

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Lahore, the provincial capital of the Punjab is known as the heart of Pakistan, A city that has always been famous for its festivities, lights and glamour. The Anarkali (pomegranate blossom in Persian) bazaar is the heart of Lahore. It is located on the famous Mall road Lahore at 31/34N 74/18E with an altitude of 210 meters. In front of this bazaar you can found Lahore Museum. On one side, there are Punjab University Old Campus, the historical Government College Lahore, now The Government college University and on the other side “KEMC” (King Edward Medical College) is situated.
This bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Asia and is app. 200 years old. It derives its name from a nearby mausoleum thought to be that of a dancing girl named Anārkalī, buried alive by order of the Mughal Emperor Akbar for having an illicit relationship with the Emperor's son, Prince Salīm, later to become Emperor Jahāngīr. The tragic love story of Salim and Anarkali is in the heart of every child of Lahore, the sad tale holds its fame and is a never dying one, so is the anarkali bazaar.
تا قیامت شکر گویم کردگار خویش را
آہ گر من باز بینم روئ یار خویش را

tā qiyāmat shukr gūyam kardigāre khīsh rā
āh! gar man bāz bīnam rūī yār-e khīsh rā

I would give thanks unto my God unto the day of resurrection
Ah! could I behold the face of my beloved once more
The bazaar is divided into two parts, old anarkali and new anarkali, The Old Anarkali Bazar is noted for traditional food items while the New Anarakli Bazar is noted for its traditional handicraft and embroidery cloths. The streets of bazaar are loaded with ancient Lahore architecture reminding one of both Mughal and British eras, apart from Mughals British also left a solid mark on its walls as if they had come here to stay.
All day and night the market is filled with visitors of every type, rich-poor, local-foreign and everyone seems to be never getting enough of the bazaar. A huge number of visitors is females, bargaining at...


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