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Battle of the Sexes

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The Challenge
Throughout the United States there are many different types of competitions that happen. Some are daily, while others are annually or weekly. People of the United States are very much attracted to anything that has to do with competition. People chant and route for the ones they want to win, making themselves have something to believe it. Some even bet money on competitions, like the Super Bowl, The World Series, Race Tracks, or regular sports games. Competition brings people excitement, joy, and adrenaline.
The Challenge: Battle of the Exs is a show on MTV. In the show contestants accomplish challenges, while testing their own fears. In the end only one, or in some cases, two, contestants can walk away winning the grand prize. The grand prize this past season was $300,000 for first place, $150,000 for second, and $80,000 for third place. The winning amount was to be split between a person and their partner.
The original season names were The Real World/ Road Rules, The Challenge, Fresh Meat, The Inferno, The Duel, and The Gauntlet. In the first ever The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge 12 contestants competed on two teams, each of six players. The ultimate goal was to win challenges containing water, agility skills, knowledge, and courage. After completing challenges the winner would receive $150,000 check.   In the show the teams traveled in an RV starting in San Francisco and ended in Universal City, California, while competing in different challenges along the way. When a team won a challenge they had the opportunity to travel in a tour bus rather than an RV until the next event approached.
As the seasons continued, the challenges, the setting, and the people changed year after year. In order to compete in challenges each contestant had to be part of a Real World. The Real World, was a show where people all over the United States sent in videos saying why they would be a good candidate for the Real World. Then seven people are chosen to live...


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