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Individual Rights vs. Public Order

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As a U.S. citizen we all too often see the devastation that can occur when someone abuses their privileges as an individual with rights. What most fail to realize is that with great freedom, comes great responsibility. While every individual is entitled to their rights, many may not know or understand the consequences of their actions if they shall abuse their privileges or wrongfully use their rights by crossing the line of where their freedom ends and public order begins. While freedom is our human right, some cannot handle all that their freedom in tales and that’s why public order is so important. Public order was essentially put in place to protect us from ourselves.
The debate between being an advocate for individual rights or an advocate for public order is constantly ongoing. These two types of advocates can always find something to disagree over. One of the more recent issues these two advocates have argued over is as to whether or not teenage girls should be mandated to receive the HPV vaccination. Individual rights advocates stress the fact that it is a complete invasion of their rights and that the decision to receive the vaccination should be left entirely up to the minors parents. While public order advocates argue that it is a life saving vaccination due to the rise in diagnoses and that it would help better the American citizens. My views on this topic are swaying more toward the Individual rights side of the argument. I say that because, if it truly is a   life saving vaccination then the minors parents will choose for them to receive the vaccination anyways, so why force them to do something they were already going to do freely?
While I may have agreed with individual rights advocates on that subject I completely disagree with them when it involves public safety. One example is how sex offenders must obey the notification rules and let local law enforcement and others know of their where a bouts. Individual rights advocates argue that forcing...


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