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How Does Crusher Industry Deal with Challenges

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     Currently, domestic crusher industry lacks manufacturing experience, specifically it manifests in two aspects, one crusher has no enough integrated manufacturing experience, most enterprises have little investment in scientific research, new product development; Second, the world economic is in recession, the all industries have weak purchasing power, in this case, it is difficult to stimulate enterprises to invest more on R & D of confidence. Crusher industry has come out of relying on cheap labor advantage and extensive development stage at the costs of the environment. Under the promotion of rapid economic development, crusher industry has accounted for half of the market, at the same time, it is gradually entering the international level. However, in the process of growing, developing and maturing, the gap messy and quality issues are slowly becoming the short board to constraint the development of the crusher industry.
     Throughout the the domestic crusher industry market environment, the single small and medium-sized enterprises is numerous, and the competition is increasingly fierce. Quality is the life, the brand is an important added value of the enterprise. It is difficult to measure the quality of the actual situation, and the brand is clutter, which direct impacts the fighting capacity of the crusher industry.
     Therefore, improving the product quality and casting the world brand is the only way for the development of China's crusher equipment industry. The target of energy-saving emission reduction has been important pressure in the all fields, and the crusher industry is an important support for infrastructure construction, and it has been an indispensable role in the modernization drive.The traditional crusher equipment has low technical content, enterprises do not pay attention to their own innovation, both cannot meet the market demand, but also can not reduce the...


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