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The Special Nature of Aggregate Mixer

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Mixer is widely used in paints, efficient device is used for mixing and dispersing solids, dissolved, and it is widely used in paints, printing inks, paints, adhesives and other chemical products, the equipment is made of hydraulic system, electric control box, mixing system and steering mechanism. The structure of the equipment is compact, reasonable. More information on ore beneficiation, please consult us.
Working principle:
Type, size and speed of the Blender has influence on the distribution of the overall flow and turbulence. In General, the power distribution of turbine type stirrer is good for turbulent, and the agitator propeller is good for overall flow
For the same type of agitator, power consumption under the same conditions power consumption, large-diameter, low-speed mixer, power consumption mainly is used for the overall movement, which is conducive to macro-mixing.
Small diameter, high speed mixers, power is consumed mainly in the turbulent, it is in favor of micro-mixing. Mixer amplification is related to the process of complex issues, it only can be amplificated through gradual experience, according to the criterion, and extend to an industrial scale.
Installation and maintenance:
Machine maintenance is a very important ongoing work; it should be incredibly close to operation and maintenance, checks should have full-time staff.
1. Maintenance of the machines:
1. Bearings assume all machines’ loads, good lubrication is closely related to the bearing life, which directly affects the life of the machine and running rate, which require injecting clean lubricant, seal must be good, this machine's primary oil (1) Rotating bearing (2) Roller bearings (3) All gears (4) Active bearings, sliding plane
2. Newly installed hoop is prone to losing, it needs regular inspection
3.  Attention that the different parts of the machine is working properly
4.  Note that check the degree of wear of wear parts, constantly watch the...


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