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High School Drop Out

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English Comp I
5 December 2012
Dropping Out
Dropping out of high school is an issue faced by many teens today. It results from a few main common causes. One is being bullied.   Another is having to get a job to support their families.   Sometimes dropping out of school revolves around the parents not being forceful in demanding that their children commit to staying in school. A fourth cause is the lack of effort exerted by students to be successful in their studies.   Although students may drop out of school for many different reasons, they all face the same consequences.
Some teenagers lose interest in school because they’re being bullied.   When students are bullied, it often starts a downward spiral in their commitment to school.   No one wants to get up every morning to attend school if they’re just going to get picked on.   Being bullied makes teens feel less positive about school and they generally are less interested in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, and clubs.   For many students, it is their success in extra-curricular activities that fuels their desire to remain in school.   I know quite a few teens that only come to school and keep their grades up just to play football and that works out great.   It could lead to a football scholarship where the same plan can be applied and they could earn a degree.
Some teens don’t want to drop out of school, but they must to support their families.   Although sometimes dropping out and getting a job may seem like the only option, getting a diploma must remain a priority.   If students’ families need money for one reason or another there are always afternoon and weekend jobs.   Later in life, getting a job without at least a high school diploma is hard enough, but what’s even worse is the pay. The pay is considerably less than what other jobs pay that require a high school diploma.   High school dropouts earn on average $9,200 less per year than high school graduates and more than $1 million...


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