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Odysseus Compared to Achilles

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When Achilles and Odysseus are compared to one another there are some major contrasts between them. Achilles is the "ultimate warrior" he relies on his force and strength. Whereas Odysseus is known for his "cunning" or wisdom. Even Zeus himself said Odysseus excels all men in wisdom. Looking at the role each played in the Trojan War, the Greeks would not have been able to defeat the Trojans without Achilles. But he Greeks actually won the war because of Odysseus' idea of the Trojan horse. Achilles used physical force while Odysseus used his mind.

You can see the good aspects of Odysseus' character. When he tells Polyphemus that their ships were destroyed so Polyphemus would not go and destroy them. Polyphemus eats 2 of Odysseus' men and Odysseus wants to draw his sword and kill him but takes a moment and realizes he and his men can't move the boulder that blocks the cavern only Polyphemus can.Odysseus gets Polyphemus drunk and tells Polyphemus his name is Nobody. Polyphemus finally passes out and Odysseus and his men stab him in the eye. Polyphemus cries out and the other Cyclops come to help him he yells that Nobody is hurting him so they leave. Also, the next day when Polyphemus opens the door so the rams can go and eat Polyphemus sits and block the entrance so Odysseus and his men can't escape. So Odysseus and his men strap themselves to the   underbellies of the rams. Polyphemus pets each ram as it exits the cave not knowing Odysseus and is men are escaping.

But you can see the negative aspects of Odysseus's character of pride and not thinking far enough ahead. When his men escape and make it to their ships and as they are sailing away, Odysseus angers Polyphemus by taunting him. Polyphemus begins hurling boulders at their ship. Odysseus's men beg him to stop but he continues taunting Polyphemus even telling him his real name is Odysseus and that he was the one who blinded him. Polyphemus tells Odysseus he is Poseidon's son. He prays to Poseidon that...


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